April 17th

Wellness Center Healthy Campus Week Events

What is Gift of Life?

Gift of Life is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to cure blood cancer through cellular therapy. Their mission according to their website is that At Gift of Life, we believe every person battling blood cancer deserves a second chance at life — and we are determined to make it happen. We are singularly passionate about engaging the public to help us get everyone involved in curing blood cancer, whether as a donor, a volunteer, or a financial supporter. It all begins with one remarkable person, one life-changing swab, and one huge win — finding a match and a cure.

If you would like to become a donor, we will have a table in Bouck Lobby on April 24th. To become a donor it is a simple and painless cheek swab. You must be between the ages of 18-35 to join the registry.

Monday, April 24th
Gift of Life Table
Bouck Lobby
11 am-2 pm

Health & Wellness Expo

Join the Wellness Center, campus partners, and community partners to learn more about your health and well-being. The Health and Wellness Expo is an event put together by the Office of Student Leadership and the Wellness Center. There will be free food and a mini petting zoo. We look forward to seeing you!

Tuesday, April 25th
Health & Wellness Expo
Lower Brickyard Point
11 am-2 pm

April is Get Yourself Tested Month!

On Wednesday, April 26th the Wellness Center Peer Educators will be hosting a tabling event about proper safer sex supply usage and consent. Stop by the table in Bouck Lobby from 12 pm – 1:30 pm to get some knowledge and to stock up on supplies.

Wednesday, April 26th
Condoms & Consent Table
Bouck Lobby
12 pm-1:30 pm

The Culture of Living Well Presents: It’s Siesta Time!

Siesta, which means “a midday or afternoon rest or nap,” is a big part of the Spanish culture. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, Spain was primarily rural farmland. Siestas are believed to have originated from farmers and field workers taking a break during midday to come in out of the hot sun. This break would allow them to escape the hottest time of the day; while also giving them time to eat lunch, spend time with family, and take a nap before getting back to work outside. Today, siestas still occur in Spain. Most businesses will shut down for about two hours around midday for workers to eat, rest, and escape the heat. They will then reopen until closing time in the evenings.

There are a number of reasons that siestas have been found to be beneficial. Brief naps during the middle of the day have been shown to improve mood as well as performance. Some of the benefits of taking a short nap include increased energy, more productivity, decreased stress, improved communication skills, and an overall increase in happiness. A nap during a siesta can be anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Napping for more than 30 minutes can lead to going into a deep sleep, which can lead to sleep inertia or a feeling of grogginess and disorientation upon waking. Sleep inertia has been found to lead to a decrease in performance, so it is important to set an alarm for 30 minutes when practicing the siesta.

Thursday, April 27th
It’s Siesta Time
Lower Brickyard Point
12:30 pm-1:30 pm

Chill Out, Before You Burn Out

Article from Choosingtherapy.org

What Is College Burnout?

Burnout is a state of chronic stress or exhaustion that many college students may feel as a result of the many demands they face. They may find themselves overwhelmed and exhausted by their workload, disconnected or cynical about their classes, and may suffer from reduced academic efficacy, all factors contributing to “burnout syndrome.”1

For many college students, this is also their first experience attending classes, taking part in extracurriculars, maintaining an active social life and having a full or part-time job, all while being away from home for the first time without the built-in support of family.

College Burnout Symptoms

A college student experiencing burnout may feel disconnected from their academic experience, appear unmotivated, and may find themselves skipping classes or not completing assignments. College burnout often looks very similar to what an adult experiences with job burnout, because for many, being a student in college is the equivalent to having a full-time job.

Symptoms of college burnout include:2

  • Overwhelming mental fatigue or physical and emotional exhaustion
  • Increased use of substances such as alcohol and other drugs
  • Lack of interest in activities, feelings of indifference
  • Poor academic performance
  • Class absenteeism
  • Difficulty connecting with professors and/or with other students
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Apathy or emotional unavailability
  • Lack of motivation or passion
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Difficulty sleeping or relaxing

Thursday, April 27th
Chill Out, Before You Burn Out
Goggle Meets
5 pm-6 pm

Finals Stressing You Out?

It may seem like finals are just around the corner and the stress may already be eating away at you. If they are come to the Wellness Center Peer Educator table to make a free stress ball.

Friday, April 28th
Free Stress Ball Table
Bouck Lobby
12 pm-2 pm

The Wellness Center
Call to schedule an appointment
Phone # 518-255-5225 | Fax # 518-255-5819
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.
For after-hour emergencies call University Police at 518-255-5555 or 911
UPD Anonymous Tip Line https://secure2.cobleskill.edu/tipline.
988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT) – 1-877-269-6699 or 1-844-732-6228 (24 hours a day/7 days a week)
If you have a concern about the care you received at the Wellness Center, contact Director Lynn Ontl at 518-255-5225

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