Welcome Back Fall 2022

We hope you all had an interesting summer and are looking forward to this coming semester. We’ve made the decision this year to move our beloved Can Chronicle online. We believe that this will allow us to update material quicker and save a lot of paper. We look forward to keeping you in the loop.

As the United States prepares for the July 2022 transition to 988 as an easy-to-remember three-digit dialing, texting, and chat code for anyone experiencing a suicidal or mental health crisis or emotional distress, it’s important that messaging efforts are aligned, coordinated, and consistent. To help organizations consider when and how to develop public messages about 988, the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (Action Alliance)—the nation’s public-private partnership committed to advancing suicide prevention and changing the conversation about mental health and suicide prevention—recently released the 988 Messaging Framework. The 988 Messaging Framework, developed in collaboration with a 988 Messaging Task Force co-led by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and Vibrant Emotional Health (operational home to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline), provides broad guidance for organizations about when and how to develop public messages about 988. As you develop 988 messages, Wellness Center encourages you to use this new resource to help inform your planning and to ensure our nation’s 988 messaging is strategic, aligned, and effective. To learn more, visit 988messaging.org

The Governor of New York challenged each SUNY campus to wipe out hunger in their students. SUNY Cobleskill answered the governor’s directive last fall with a comprehensive group whose goals were to help each student in need with more than just food and help end the stigma in doing so. In addition to these efforts, CAS has made changes to the student meal plans to include more bonus meals per week. Students state this has enabled them to provide meals to other students in need.

For Confidential Assistance Please Scan QR Code or Contact: Associate Director: Office of Student Leadership: Mike Wacksman: 518-255-5313 wacksmmr@cobleskill.edu
Interim Director of Community Service, Greek Life and Multicultural Education:
D’Andre Miller: 518-255-5218 millerd@cobleskill.edu.

In doing so, the students can secure emergency meal swipes to be used on campus. Our goal is to give students the information they need in order to access food both on-campus as well as off-campus, without the stigma that may come with it.

Posters have been hung around campus advertising this program and the committee hopes the message finds those in need.

Meal-Assist is confidential and can be done via email or phone at the beginning of the process.

I just wanted to say thank you for getting me out of my slump I was in because I wouldn’t of got back on my feet if it wasn’t for the Wellness Center.

SUNY Cobleskill Student 22′

The Pleasure Package is a service brought to you by the Wellness Center. All students can order safer sex supplies for free through this service, delivered to their campus mailbox. All students can request an on-campus mailbox for free, just speak to the Mailroom for more information. We have internal/external condoms, lubricants and dental dams. For questions about this program email: pleasurepackage@cobleskill.edu.

Scan above to place your order.

The Wellness Center
Call to schedule an appointment
Phone # 518-255-5225 | Fax # 518-255-5819
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.
For after-hour emergencies call University Police at 518-255-5555 or 911
UPD Anonymous Tip Line https://secure2.cobleskill.edu/tipline.
988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT) – 1-877-269-6699 or 1-844-732-6228 (24 hours a day/7 days a week)
If you have a concern about the care you received at the Wellness Center, contact Director Lynn Ontl at 518-255-5225

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